Mykonos Island
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Why Mykonos

Will Mykonos be the ideal holiday destination for you? From spring to autumn, our island is available to the world and welcomes you to an exciting, extraordinary experience. Could you be part of it during your vacation? How can you handle the art of elegant simplicity? Do you enjoy the beach? In Mykonos you will find over 30 white sandy beaches to choose from, but remember, the only thing in common among them is the crystal clear water. So explore as many as you can, it’s worth it.

Do you like small white cubical houses, surrounded by flowers, overlooking the Aegean? Are you a tourist or a traveller? Mykonos welcomes you all either way. Do you enjoy observing people’s everyday life, while exploring a location or are you more of the resort type? Again, Mykonos can offer that all. But please do not forget what a small place Mykonos is, and occasionally get in touch with the locals, drive around our narrow roads, see for yourself why Mykonos holds high rates when it comes to returning once you have visited. Visit our small museums; enjoy a few hours touring in Delos, one of the world’s most important archaeological and mythological sites.

Taste terrific food; treat yourself to a delicious fruity cocktail, party at the beach or the city day and night. Go shopping for clothes, jewellery, designer bags, and souvenirs for friends and family. Find out for yourself how Mykonos can offer you everything. Have coffee by the city’s port, watch the sunset from Little Venice, and meet people from all around the world.

You will discover how comfort, good taste and great hospitality standards are all provided naturally by the locals and are alike to the grand majority of our hotels. Mykonians are unreserved people and that will please you the most. To us, you are a guest and to be treated like one is the most important thing, we will introduce you to the foundations of authentic hospitality and respect your needs at all times. Give Mykonos a couple of visits and you will no longer be a tourist or a traveller, you will be a local.

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